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February 26, 2022

Recordings for 10 months!

Would you like to spice up your business classes?

To make them more attractive, memorable and fun for your students?

How can you make your students remember new words faster? How can you get them more

motivated to use new words and phrases? How can you help them speak with more confidence?

Take part in my course and find out!

Spice Up Your Business Class is a collection of dynamic and creative

exercises that will energise you, the atmosphere in your

classes and most of all - your students.

Language games

are just for kids???

Of course not!

Boost your students’ engagement and confidence with activities for the business classroom! Learn how to integrate fun games and activities into your classes!

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get ready-to-use ideas for your business classes and maximize students’ speaking time;

Why should you take part in my course?

You will:

discover which activities will help your students retain their newly-acquired knowledge in the long term;
never again have to think about how to revise or which activities to use for grammar, speaking, writing or listening classes;
learn how to revise and practise new vocabulary and grammar items in a more attractive way;
find out how to get your students’ energy levels up after a long working day;
learn how to use and adapt authentic materials in a more attractive and approachable way.

All these activities require hardly any (or even no) materials,

minimum preparation time, and no expenses!

I will show you practical ideas for classroom activities your students will love!

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Course content:

The course is divided into 4 parts:


and listening


and reading



and grammar

Activities for:

Activities for:

Activities for:

Activities for:

The course is LIVE ONLINE. The recordings will be provided for 10 months.

Course lenght: 5 hours

It is a course for you if you want to:

  • expand your professional skills and develop
    in the area of teaching Business English,

  • get new ideas for your business classes
    have classes that are more engaging,

  • acquire new skills and find inspiration
    for your teaching,
  • deliver stand-alone games for the business classroom,

  • create and deliver task-based learning games and activities for the business classroom,

  • conduct successful business English classes without a great deal of preparation!

I am an English teacher and a teacher trainer. I am passionate about modern technologies in teaching and even more - teaching other teachers how to use innovative ideas, applications, tools, not only for ONLINE teaching.

I have conducted a number of educational conferences, teacher training sessions and workshops and I regularly appear at important training events on the educational market.

On December 6, 2016, together with Luiza Wojtowicz-Waga, we created eduNation - now the largest teacher training center for foreign language teachers in Poland.

Who’s your trainer?

Anna Popławska

Any questions?

Anna Popławska

Write to me!


Call me:

+ 48 661 063 720

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- Access to all
sessions for 10 months;

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Your ticket includes:

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- Access to all
sessions for 10 months;

- Certificate of Participation.



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